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Natural Body Butters and Fragrances... inspired by the Caribbean.
A Very Sexy Salty Scrub
A simple, beachy, sexy combo of Sweet Almond Oil, Dead Sea Salt and our best-selling Driftwood 1838 fragrance. 


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 Scent Guide:

 Antilles Caribe, Antilles Market,
 Driftwood 1838, Ginger Lime, Lemon Balm

Antilles Cimarron, Driftwood 1838

 Vetiver Cacao Minor, Wench

 Vetiver Neroli, Wench, Night Bloom

Characteristically gentle Lavender goes deep, dark and smoky with intimations of sweet cedar and frankincense.
Driftwood 1838
Intimations of sandalwood, vanilla and citrus evoke the delicious sense of freedom and possibility captured in driftwood tempered by travels on the open sea. 
Curl Butter
Antilles Cimarron
Rehydrate thirsty curls. Perfect for wash-and-go styling, two-strand twists, twist-outs, blow-outs, loc moisturizing, relaxed and color-treated hair and all-over frizz taming.
 Fragrance Hint:  

  Essential oils take a moment   to react with your body's        natural chemistry. When      trying your Fragrance OIl  for  the first time, give your scent  a chance to settle.  Throughout the course of the  day, it will reveal its  characteristics to you.  Remember essential oils  smell differently on every  person. Your new scent is  uniquely yours.  
​Traditionally sweet ylang-ylang gets seriously and scandalously naughty in this utterly arresting Butter and Fragrance.