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Natural Body Butters and Fragrances... inspired by the Caribbean.
"I tried the Driftwood 1838, damn that's good."
"More than body butter, this product is a love letter to your skin, escaping dark brutal histories, seeking comfort, sweetness, loving, care, to be stroked and held. The butters are all of that." - Esther Armah, WBAI Radio
“Pamper someone with Caribbean-inspired Emily Jayne Butter and Fragrances” 
Ebony Magazine Holiday Gift Guide - December,  2012​

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News and Reviews for Emily Jayne
"Unleash Your Inner Wench"

"I've learned over these last few months that touching ourselves is essential. Essential for pleasure. Essential for health. To oil and massage one's own skin is to affirm the beauty of the "skin we're in" in a world that doesn't love it. So oil yourself up, rub yourself down, and bring out your inner wench. You deserve it." 


"Emily Jayne products are unusual and special in the indie body butter market. These butters are whipped to silky smoothness and scented with ginger, vetiver, cacao, sandalwood, cedar and molasses — the fragrances are mature, elegant, intriguing, refined, and very Caribbean."

"Meet Emily Jayne"
Wench Body Butter in JET Magazine 10/29/2012
"Joan Morgan has already made her mark as an award-winning journalist, now she’s about to carve out a niche in the beauty world." -MadameNoir.com

"Small Business Spotlight: Move Over Body Shop. Here Comes Emily Jayne"

Wench Body Butter in ESSENCE Magazine, December,  2012
"The fragrance is dark and rich like a cigar dipped in Zacapa rum. Wench is nothing if not nuanced.Smelling it is like smelling the lingering scent of lust on still warm sheets..."