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Natural Body Butters and Fragrances... inspired by the Caribbean.
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About Emily Jayne
​Who is Emily Jayne?
Emily was my Jamaican grandmother. Jayne my Jamaican, great-grand. 

What are 'scent memories' ?
Like my grands, I was born in Jamaica but I grew up in New York City. Scent was how I harvested the bits of Jamaican-ness that were readily available to me on my many childhood trips 'home '. Lemongrass teas, Westmoreland’s mountains post-rainfall, a piece of driftwood at dusk and the sweetness of the Caribbean Sea are some of the many inspirations of Emily Jayne. 

Why a natural body care line?
The noble answer is that my son had mild eczema on his hands and nothing over-the-counter seemed to give him any relief. My homemade concoctions of shea and olive oil, however? Those worked wonders. The less noble answer is that I'm a long-time product junkie. And as the child of a mother who has her own snobberies about texture, let alone as efficacy, relieving the eczema wasn't enough for my very particular son. It had to 'smell right'. It had to 'feel right'. Out of those many attempts and research that admittedly started to border on obsession — a batch for him, two for me — came a product that left our skin so soft and glowing, it was soon in high demand from our friends. The rest is history.

Is Emily Jayne for men, too?
All Emily Jayne products are unisex. That's less deliberate than it is endemic to how I think about pleasure and the penchant I have for troubling boundaries. When I create, I'm looking to elicit an almost involuntary submission to pleasure, then play...Ain't no need to gender that.

Welcome to Emily Jayne. 

Interested in learning more?
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